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Welcome to my workshop !

These handcarved pipes are manufactured in my workshop in the city of Holmstrup, about 4 US-miles from the center of Odense on the island of Funen.

I produce approximately 30 pipes/month, whereof only 4-6 will be sold via this site, and another 8-10 pipes/month is dedicated for the bigger shows in the US. The rest is custom orders - a still growing part of my production.

Below I have tried to describe the manufactoring process in words, combined with pictures from my actual work.

With a rough sketch, I try to find a shape on the block, that fits to the grains in the briar.
Of course I can't be sure what's inside the block, but I hope that the outlined shape will still match the grains when I work on.

I then carve out the block on my lathe, an old machine bought some 40 years ago, but still going strong.
The final finish of the chamber is done by hand, because the standard 18 or 19mm drill doesn't give the right proportions to the chamber, and the chamber has to fit EXACTLY to the smokehole from the other side.

It is now time for a rough grinding.
The upper part of the bowl is already shaped on the lathe, and the hardest job now is to ensure, that the upper lines will follow through downto the bottom of the pipe.
The pipe has to be a "unified whole" seen from an artists view. If the lines doesn't look right, the pipe is discarded at this stage.

After the pipe is roughly grinded on the disc, it is time to sand it to the final shape.
This is probably the toughest part, and may go on for several hours, before I am satisfied.
The shape has to be perfect, but visible spots may pop up during this process. If so, the pipe will be blasted afterwards, if the grains aren't just perfect (sometimes, this is really a difficult decision !).

I take a break from the wood, and starts to shape the stem.
As you might see, I use an ordinary file for the stem work. The stems are made of artificial amber or vulcanite/ebonite, and almost everyone is fitted with a ring of wood, silver etc.
My customers tell me, that my stems are the primary reason, why my pipes always are so comfortable to smoke, and that they smoke dry from the first bowl.
The thickness of the bit is only 3.7 - 4.2 mm (depending on the material), which is why my pipes aren't suitable for "munchers"......

All my pipes has different stains, depending on the beauty of the grains, and if the pipe is blasted or smooth.
If the grain has to be exposed even more, I gently sand the pipe after the first stain, and then stain it again.
Earlier, most of my pipes was also stained inside the bowl, but after a couple of friendly complaints I now often keep them natural inside.

When the pipe has dried after the staining, it is time to polish it.
The first kind of polishing is a gently grinding wax, that removes excessive stain from the pipe. This wax is also used to give the stem the final grinding, so that it appears smooth and shining.

The final polishing is done with a very soft disc, using canauba and a special shining wax.

I then rest in my favourite chair, examining the final piece of art.
This examination ends up with a decision, whether the pipe has to be blasted, will be sold to a local friend, or to be put on my website for sale......
I hope you enjoyed this tour - now it is time for a trip to my showroom !

Besides. . .

All of my (S)-graded pipes will be delivered in a mahogany box for free.
If you buy a pipe at a lower grade but still want a mahogany box to go with it, please state so on the order page. You will then be charged an extra USD 18 (tax-free).
Pipe not included !